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Kirill Grigoryev
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I am interested in international law, international legal order and investments, microeconomics, multinational corporations, their life and impact on our society, in business ideas. Thus in my Journal I will try to collect vital information upon these issues with appropriate comments.

I studied international private, public and commercial law, economy, sociology and foreign languages at International Institute of Labor and Social Relations (IILSR, Minsk). Then I studied Public Relations, psychology, economy and management at Academy of Postgraduate Education (APO, Minsk). In 2012 graduated from the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus obtaining the 3-rd education - in the sphere of internaional relations and diplomacy.

Successfully passed a year cource of Supply Chain Management by Associazione Italiana di Logistica e di Supply Chain Management («AILOG», Roma, Italy).
Speak Russian, English, Spanish, Polish. Trying to manage Japan.
bbi (bright business ideas), economy, foreign affairs, investments, law of nations, politics, society